Monday, August 10, 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Once upon a time, when Music was Love. And Glamour was Gold. There was a place called “The Diamond” where Jazz lived and life was beautiful...
Inspired by the ladies of Cabaret, soul diva Lu Chase has created a new show based on Cabaret and inspired by Burlesque called “Diamonds are a girls best friend”

Expect to hear music by Ella Fitzgerald (Putting on the Ritz), Marilyn Monroe (My heart belongs to daddy) Shirley Bassey ( Get the party started, Big spender, Where do I begin), Nina Simone (Feeling good, I put a spell on you), Sarah Vaughn ( Whatever Lola wants) Etta James ( At last, I just wanna make love to you) Peggy Lee (Fever) Chicago (When you’re good to mama, All that Jazz) Liza Minelli (Mein heir, Cabaret) Sade (Smooth Operator) Amy Winehouse ( Tears dry on their own, Back to Black, Rehab) Pussy cat dolls ( Sway) Christina Aguilera (Ain’t no other man) Lu Chase ( Get it on)

Burlesque Show @ KINK

Burlesque Show @ KINK

Burlesque Show @ KINK

Burlesque Show @ KINK

Lu Chase - Biography

If you’re wondering where all the good music has gone and why your ears are
still not quite attuned to the new “cut and paste” sounds that pound your brain
daily, look and listen no further… the fabulous Ms Lu Chase has arrived…
Luxurious powerhouse performer Lu Chase embodies an authentic old school
glamour that she defines as “Retro Chic” or “Shirley Bassey goes to Ibiza".

Through the use of new age mediums, Lu Chase brings an intelligent three
dimensional sound that is current and moves us the way music used to back in the day.
Big in every way, she is distinctive, cutting edge and evokes the brilliance of
classics like Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Nina Simone and James

- Lu Chase is undoubtedly an alpha female who embodies 21st century
- She is effervescent, vivacious, foxy, fiery, exotic and mysterious
- She is strong and powerful yet she remains feminine
- She is honest, uncomplicated and has an openness to life and living
- She loves to have fun and values her friendships

Lu Chase comes from a strong theatre background with long experience as a
vocalist, lyricist and frontline performer. She has established a niche, almost
cult following on Cape Town’s club scene.

Most recently:
- She has appeared on SABC 2’s teen magazine TV show Hectic 99
- Nominated for a SAMA (best dance album) 2009
- Toured Russia with retro house band “The Iridium Project” notably
playing new years eve 2008 @ Hospital
- toured russia as a solo performer in march 2009 notably playing Heart
- She is establishing a new band called “Lu Chase Live”
- She is working on a provocative theatre and burlesque/jazz cabaret
- She remains the Disco Diva of all kink parties fueled by current
Deep/Funky House and Minimal Tech beats
- released on Seamless recordings with Jazzloungerz and Headtrip and
charted at no 2 for october 2008, remixes by Mutiny, Greg Stainer and
others, with support from Eric M and CJ Macintosh to name a few.
- Is currently in Production of a new act and a number or singles with
Christopher Wilde,